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Square Plastic Tubes

Committed to meeting all of our clients' plastic manufacturing needs, Available Plastics is pleased to offer custom-engineered square plastic tubes. Working to meet each client's unique requirements, we develop hollow PVC squares, rectangles, octagons, and other custom shapes. With an impressive number of available stock tools, we offer innovative plastic solutions while keeping tooling costs down.

Because our square plastic pipes serve many functions, we include impressive material features, such as:

  • Custom colors, lengths, and thick- and thin-walled options
  • Custom inside and outside diameters
  • Moisture-resistant, UV-resistant, and weather-proof PVC
  • Shiny, smooth, and rigid texture

Our high-quality, extruded, square PVC and custom profiles put us head and shoulders above the rest: because we adapt to meet all specifications and standards, our clients receive unrivaled service every time. And, with such a diverse client-base, we have experience manufacturing all sizes of square plastic tubes and other shapes.

What are typical plastic square tube applications?

Our plastic square tubes and other shapes are quite versatile, and can be used to build custom structures or to hide other custom products. Past projects include a customer who builds portable tracks. Adhering to client-specified standards, we developed 2" by 2" squares, including straight sections and bent and angled components. Each straight tube length snapped together with a corresponding angle, enabling our client to make any necessary track shape. Another customer develops fence sections, relying on our custom-made rectangular and square plastic tubes.

Appropriate for over 25 industries, our custom plastic square tubes form the foundation of countless products. To learn how we can accommodate your next plastic square tube order, please contact Available Plastics.