To complement our superior bending and coiling services, Available Plastics performs all types of custom plastic fabrication and assembly. We can combine our extruded, injection molded or fabricated components with customer-supplied materials, including hardware and instruction sheets.

We handle everything from custom building a component through manufacturing and assembling completely finished plastic products. We even offer packaging in consumer-level boxes, making it that much easier to ship and receive your custom plastic fabrication and assembly order.

Additional custom plastic bending fabrication steps can make all the difference when assembling a newly manufactured component. Our custom plastic fabrication and assembly processes include many of these secondary services, designed to complement our bending and forming work, including:

  • PVC pipe routing
  • Flush plastic pipe threading
  • Custom pipe threading and tapping
  • Precision PVC tube drilling
  • Plastic fitting and connector gluing
  • PVC tube slotting
  • Plastic swaging
  • Packaging


What applications benefit from custom plastic fabrication and assembly?

SONY DSCOur clients come to us from many different industries, and the custom plastic products we fabricate and assemble are diverse. Serveral common applications include:

  • Store displays and POP displays
  • Sporting goods and pool and spa products
  • Quilting frames
  • Boat accessories and marine parts
  • Custom industrial pipe and tube assemblies

To learn more about the industries and projects we work with, and to get started on your next custom plastic fabrication and assembly project, please contact Available Plastics or fill out our ‘Request A Quote’ form.

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