Furniture Grade PVC Pipe Fittings Available Plastics is proud to manufacture custom furniture grade PVC pipes, tubes, and fittings to accommodate our clients’ varied specifications. PVConstructables, our internal and external connector system, allows customers to build practically anything: this system, coupled with our ability to bend and fabricate pipe, enables the easy fabrication of unique products with minimum tooling—and a smooth, furniture grade finish.

Available in multiple sizes and readily customized, we carry a variety of furniture grade PVC pipe and connector components, including round external connectors, round internal fit connectors, and 1- ½” internal fit square connectors. All components are made from high-quality, furniture grade PVC to ensure long-lasting performance. Specific variants include:

  • External round caps, elbows, tees, and cross connectors
  • External round domed plugs and fish mouth connectors
  • Internal round caps, tees, and elbow connectors

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What are the benefits of furniture grade PVC pipe?

Our furniture grade PVC pipe is designed to be used in countless applications. We often custom run this furniture grade pipe to meet highly specific requirements such as outdoor use. While not all furniture grade pipe is designed to be used outdoors, we have specific material formulations that are made to include UV-resistant and weather-proof characteristics. These allow the furniture pipe to outperform and outlast other related materials. Applications that commonly depend on our reliable furniture grade plastic include:

  • Outdoor furniture
  • Medical furniture and equipment
  • Emergency containment structures
  • Temporary structures
  • Nursery Greenhouse Structures

As there are endless functions our material can perform, it’s up to you to let us know exactly what size and shape you need. To get started with your next furniture grade PVC pipe order, click Order Now.