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Protective Pipe Liners

With Available Plastics' protective pipe liners, it's what's on the inside that counts. Our specially fabricated PVC liners can reduce or eliminate corrosion within pipes, tubes, and other hollow parts, drastically increasing components' lifespan and performance. As a result, some clients reduce the thickness of the hollow part—with the added pipe liner, the outermost protective layer isn't eaten away.

Working primarily with steel pipes and tubes, we custom-run plastic liners to match your specific inside dimensions. In most cases, our pipe wear liners are used to protect a steel pipe or tube from a corrosive liquid, caustic chemical, or other detrimental agent. These plastic liners act like a barrier keeping caustic material being conveyed away from the steel pipe, maintaining its integrity.

Our custom PVC pipe liners provide excellent moisture and liquid protection, and are frequently used to protect porous materials, such as cardboard tubes. Within concrete forms, protective pipe liners act as a buffer between the forms and the moisture in the drying cement, guaranteeing continued form performance.

What are the most common protective pipe liner applications?

As a result of our protective pipe liners' versatility, many industries rely on them to keep important applications up and running. Our pipe wear liners do more than protect metal pipes: because each PVC liner offers moisture-resistance they are also a natural liner choice for paper and fiber tubes, where even a drop of moisture poses a serious threat.

In the industrial and chemical sectors, processing plants depend on pipes to move large amounts of caustic chemicals and corrosive liquids. Custom extruded plastic corrosion protection liners play an essential role in maintaining pipe flow; by inhibiting contact between pipes and chemicals or corrosive agents, each pipe enjoys superior protection and an extended lifespan.

Available Plastics is pleased to work with clients from all different industries: from building and construction applications to chemical plants, we're happy to provide custom PVC pipe liners for metal, paper, fiber, and cardboard pipes and tubes. To begin your next custom order, please contact Available Plastics.