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Custom Wastewater, Drainage & Septic Systems

Wastewater Septic System
Wastewater Septic System

As a specialty manufacturer of custom wastewater, drainage, and septic system products, Available Plastics, Inc. provides companies with the top-notch components they need to design their own custom systems. Because our clients' work relies solely on the integrity of our high-quality deliverables, we ensue that each product is manufactured with the utmost care and precision.

We supply custom drainage products to a number of industries, where non-potable water or liquid is directed from an unwanted region to another facility or collection area. Even within this niche market, the kinds of custom wastewater, drainage, and septic system products we manufacture are diverse.

What kinds of custom wastewater, drainage, and septic components do you manufacture?

In some cases, we develop relatively simple custom pipe orders, while other clients require elaborate product systems with custom hollow profiles. In these more complicated cases, some of the custom drainage components feature slots running down the length to collect liquid. Still other wastewater products are bent in an effort to channel water up, down, around a bend, or toward a given location. Often, drainage products include connectors to join straight or curved lengths together. Examples of our products and related applications include:

  • Slotted pipe for basement water collection
  • Septic system piping for septic tank manufacturers
  • Custom drainage components
  • Custom fabricated wastewater pipe
  • Filter housings

Although many of our clients come from the sanitation, industrial, and building and construction industries, we also serve businesses in the agricultural and commercial sectors. We can accommodate a wide range of sizes and specifications, and are pleased to tailor our custom wastewater, drainage, and septic system products to meet your exact requirements. To learn more about our services and how we can accommodate you, please contact us today.