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Plastic Protective Pipe Sleeves

Protective Pipe Sleeves
Protective Pipe Sleeves

When it comes to protective plastic sleeves, Available Plastics, Inc. knows that even the strongest products need a little extra help sometimes. Using only the finest, chemical-resistant PVC, we custom make protective PVC pipe sleeves and covers to prolong your pipe, tube, and other hollow products' lifespan. Corrosion associated with weather and daily-use is eliminated with an added protective tube cover. Our plastic wear sleeves work so well that clients often reduce the thickness of the protected material because the outermost layer remains intact. A few protective plastic sleeve features and benefits include:

  • Chemical and corrosion resistance
  • Corrosive fluid and liquid resistance
  • UV-resistance and durability
  • Smooth and low-friction surface
  • Excellent moisture protection

Custom Protective Plastic Sleeves to Your Specifications

Working with your individual steel and metal rods, threaded rods, pipes, and tubes of all shapes and sizes, we custom design and fabricate rigid PVC covers to fit your product's specified dimensions. Whether facing corrosive conditions, such as extensive exposure to salt water, or interacting with caustic chemicals, our protective pipe sleeves provide superior protection when it matters most.

Exceptionally versatile, our custom cover plastic extrusions also function as barrier covers, keeping moisture out when needed. In cases where an application is comprised of porous material, such as a wooden pole, PVC sleeves effectively line the material to protect it against saturation. Other times, our weather-resistant sleeves help contain a situation-when a rusted pipe threatens to contaminate its surrounding environment, our PVC wear sleeves help confine the rust.

Even in large-scale applications-such as wind-turbines, where hundreds of threaded rods anchor an impressive amount of weight-our custom protective covers actively protect each threaded rod against the elements to ensure the integrity of the wind turbine.

Typical Applications for our Custom Plastic Sleeves

From renewable energy and power generation to oil and gas, building and construction, and commercial industries, our rigid plastic sleeves grant our clients' metal pipes and tubes unrivaled protection for years of performance. To learn more, please contact Available Plastics today.