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DuraCore | Plastic Cores

DuraCore Standard Cores

Available Plastics line of DuraCore plastic cores are capable of hundreds of reuses and provide an extremely cost effective alternative to paper cores. DuraCores are manufactured using specialized processes and formulations that deliver a level of durability, reusability and near core waste savings that no other core product can match.

Typical paper or fiber cores are made to be disposable, and though less expensive, they create hidden inventory and waste stream issues. Depending on application, DuraCores can provide hundreds of re-uses per core; in many operations they never leave the production floor, saving labor by eliminating movement and warehouse storage. As a result our cores can be found at work with major manufacturers across North America, South America and many other parts of the world. This includes manufacturers of medical and food products, paper and tissue, films, converters, as well as processes that require clean room operations, and many more. DuraCores are also backed up by our world-class customer service department.  We’ll work with you, providing free core samples from our stock to ensure you get the product that fits your needs and budget. 

DuraCores function as drop-in core replacements for your current plastic or paper cores. Compatible with most of the common shafts and end chucks used in the industry, they are also available in customized core sizes to meet your particular manufacturing requirements.

DuraCore Standard Core Specification Chart:

Nominal Core Size ID Wall Thickness OD
2.0" 2.035" 0.2325" 2.500"
3.0" 3.035" 0.2325" 3.500"
0.3725" 3.780"
0.4475" 3.930"
6.0" 6.036" 0.1695" 6.375"
0.2945" 6.625"
0.4290" 6.894"
8.0" 8.037" 0.3000" 8.637"

Custom Plastic Cores

We have a wide selection of tooling to produce hundreds of sizes of custom cores using our expertise in close tolerance extrusion. We have many custom sizes we produce for industries such as carpet, geo synthetics, textile and many other industries. Custom orders require higher volumes to offset startup costs so if you have a need for superior reusable or one time use custom core contact our technical sales..

How long do DuraCore custom plastic cores last?

While the life of any core is dependent on process variables, such as winding tension, Available Plastics’ customers enjoy over hundreds of uses per core.

After turning to Available Plastics, one industrial customer now tightly winds bi-axially stretched film onto our DuraCores. This type of core application, which is one of the toughest in the industry, wore out our client’s previous thick-walled paper cores after one to two usages. In a recent visit, Available Plastics found DuraCores that were still performing well, after more than five years.

How much can I save by using DuraCore Precision Plastic Cores?

The potential operational savings of using our DuraCore precision plastic cores are significant. Available Plastics has customers that have put over $300,000 in annual savings right to their bottom line by switching from paper cores to DuraCores.

Clients save on freight, receiving, handling, and dumpster and landfill costs that are normally incurred when using paper and plastic cores. As a result, DuraCores enable greener manufacturing. Paper cores and lower-quality plastic cores may cost less per core, but often only last for a few uses. Because each Dura Core is constantly re-used, the cost per use is reduced to mere pennies.

How can I try a DuraCore to see if it’s the right plastic core for me?

If you require one of the many standard core sizes that we stock, Available Plastics will provide you samples at no cost (we may just ask you pay the shipping). If DuraCores work for you and you want to try a small production quantity before committing to a full production order, Available Plastics will work with you to accommodate your needs.

Whether you are launching a critical new film, trying to make a serious problem go away, or are looking for large, operational cost savings, DuraCores are the best cores for you. With a high success-rate and minimal financial risk, DuraCores are an easy, cost-effective solution.

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