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Decorative Plastic Sleeves

If you're tired of looking at unsightly pipes, Available Plastics custom extrudes rigid decorative plastic sleeves especially for you. Our custom colored sleeves are designed to custom fit a range of products and dimensions: we cover steel pipes, wooden posts, concrete pillars, wires and cables, and more, masking unsightly materials with a smooth, decorative PVC cover.

Available in any shade and shape imaginable, including metallic hues, our custom manufactured plastic sleeves can be further enhanced with different surface shapes. We work with each client to ensure you receive decorative sleeves that directly reflect your individual aesthetic. Whether you're looking to cover round or square extrusions or a more unusual shape, Available Plastics meets precise customer requirements to guarantee a perfect fit.

Beyond aesthetic appeal, what are the additional benefits of decorative plastic sleeves?

Our decorative plastic sleeves do a whole lot more than hide unattractive tubes and pipes. With each custom-printed plastic tube, you'll enjoy features such as:

  • Moisture-resistant material
  • UV-resistant, weather-proof materials available
  • Shiny and smooth texture
  • Custom colors, shapes, and sizes

These unique features serve countless applications. In outdoor playground equipment, decorative plastic sleeves cover exposed metal pipes and tubes, eliminating the need for priming and painting. Because PVC sleeves are more resistant to chipping than paint, each covered pipe enjoys increased durability. Retail clients rely on plastic sleeves to cover unappealing wires and tubes, as well as to cover store posts. Within industrial plants, our sleeves perform a more functional role: color-coordinated sleeves can be used to indicate a pipe's contents or purpose.

We pride ourselves on our ability to render unappealing products virtually invisible—for this reason, our clients come to us from over 30 distinct industries. To learn how we can customize decorative plastic sleeves just for you, please contact Available Plastics.

To learn more about the industries and projects we work with, and to get started on your next custom plastic fabrication and assembly project, please contact Available Plastics.